Kylych Gasanov
HNI 0069 MPO
Kylych's Dossier Photo
Nickname(s) Snakebite
Appears in SOCOM: Combined Assault
Nationality Adjikistani (Russian)
Rank Defense Minister
Affiliations The Paramilitaries

Ismail Karim

Status Alive
Birth 8/14/1963
Death None
Weapon DE-50

Kylych Gasanov Is A Character In SOCOM: Combined Assault


Kylych Gasanov Has Served As The Defense Minister Of Adjikastan Since The Formation Of The Nation A Long Time Political Partner Of Ismail Karim Gasanov Shares Similar Ambitions For The Rise Of Adjikastan Gasonov Is Personally Responsible For The Rapid Development Of The Adjikastani Defense Forces And Torture And Attempted Genocide Also Ensuring That Building Up Is Hidden From The International Community