The M4A1 is a popular carbine seen in the SOCOM game series.


The M4A1 is a shortened, fully automatic version of the M16A2. Like the M16, it uses the 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge fed from a 30-round magazine. It is in use by many militaries all over the globe. It is used extensively in the SOCOM as the SEALs' standard carbine.


  • Ammo can be shared with the M16A2, SR-22, and other 5.56mm weapons.
  • Useful in a wide spectrum of situations, from CQB to mid-range sniping.
  • Extremely customizable.
  • Heavy damage to enemies in a few shots.
  • A suppressed variant is available.


  • High ROF means poor accuracy and heavy recoil (but these can be countered by firing in short bursts of 2 to 3 rounds each).
  • Ammo cannot always be acquired during missions, increasing the need for the Extra Ammo accessory.



  • In SOCOM: US Navy SEALs and SOCOM II: US Navy SEALs, the M4A1 is portrayed as being capable of mechanical 3-round burst as well as semi-automatic and full automatic. In SOCOM 3: US Navy SEALs, however, the burst capability is removed to more accurately reflect its real life counterpart.
  • The M4A1 in SOCOM and SOCOM 2 has a 1.5X magnification when in "scope view", but its in-game model is not equipped with any optics, instead sporting the detachable carry handle.

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