Mallard meeting with the SEAL team.

 MALLARD, whose real name is Arjan Manjani, is a character in SOCOM II: U.S. Navy Seals. He is an informant who provides Specter's SEAL team with information on weapon supply caches belonging to a terrorist organization known as the Sesseri Syndicate in rural Albania. He is found in the first mission: Seeding Chaos.

When the United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) is called upon to assist in terminating an Albanian terrorist group, Mallard arranges to provde Specter, Jester, Wardog, and Vandal with intelligence on the location of weapon caches in a nearby abandoned village as well as Syndicate troop strength in the vicinity. This is done with the in intention of helping prevent the passing of catastrophic weapons into the hands of other terrorists in the world.

Specter's team arrives at the rendevous point (a church dating back to the Roman Empire) at 7 A.M. There, Mallard tells the team his information, and then immediately leaves, hoping to be far away when "the firefight breaks out." Specter, not having the time to chaase him down, requests a team for interception, which HQ provides.

The information proves useful, as the team is able to successfully destroy the weapons in the village.

the SEALs discovered that MALLARD, the informant from the first mission, is actually an operative working for Force Majeure. He had used SOCOM to eliminate the Sesseri Syndicate, thus tying up a loose end, as Force Majeure had bought plutonium from the Syndicate before They Killed Him