The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Brazil is a terrorist group that appears in SOCOM II: US Navy SEALs.


The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Brazil (RAFB), led by Quixada Christo, is a seperatist group that intended to destabilize the government in Brazil. The RAFB's operations focused primarily on terrorist acts against government targets and was financed by illegal drug trafficking. The group had a strong resentment of men and was made up of mostly women.

In response to the threat of the RAFB, the Brazilian government requested help from the United States; the United States responded by sending a SEAL fireteam. Led by SPECTER, the fireteam was able to capture Lucimar, a leader of one of the RAFB cells. The information that was obtained by capturing Lucimar allowed the fireteam to strike a key RAFB cocaine processing facility, dealing a heavy blow to the RAFB's financial capibilities.

Even though the RAFB was weakened, it was still able to take over the Grand Parana Dam; after their take over, the RAFB planted explosives on the dam and threatened to detonate them unless the Brazilian government gave in to their demands. The RAFB's demands would not be met, however, as a SEAL fireteam was able to disarm the bombs and neutralize the RAFB leaders that were present.

Known Members[]