It is a service that is gotten by buying a new copy of SOCOM 4. You get excusive weapons and modes and free maps. If you buy a used copy, you can buy it for $14.99 in the PSN Store. The code for the service can be found in the back of the instruction manual that come with the game.


You can get the M16 (Spec-ops) and AK-47 (Insurgents).

Get the use to be exclusively pre-order only shotgun SU90-S Shotgun.

Game Modes Community Day Classic – Suggested by members of Zipper Community Day 2011, CDC offers a medley of different maps that support 8-vs-8 “Classic” variations on Suppression, Uplink, Last Defense and Bomb Squad with faster movement and no ranged explosives of any kind. Last Defense Run ‘n Gun – Our incredibly fast-paced deviation from our Last Defense gametype that includes speedier player movement, reduced weapon damage, and limitations to sub-machine guns and shotguns only. SCRUM – A Suppression mod that offers a “Classic” rules-inspired list of features that includes no respawn, no Sniper Rifles, no Concussion, Poison Gas, or Frag Grenades, higher damage and faster character movement Sniper Alley – Another 8-vs-8 variation on “Classic” Suppression that boasts higher damage values and weapon restrictions that allow players access to only Smoke and Poison Gas Grenades, Shotguns, and of course, Sniper Rifles.

Map PacksEdit

Classic map "Abandoned"

SOCOM Pro Assault Pack - free and gives you 3 more maps: "Red Line", "Double Cross" and "Driftwood". It cost $14.99 without SOCOM Pro.