Real Name
Dimone Freehold
Sniper, Military Ops in urban terrain
Date of birth
June 14th, 1980, Chicago
American (Italian origin)
Voice Actor
Keith Silverstein (SOCOM 1), Paul Mercier (SOCOM 2, 3 and Combined Assault)

Commander Dimone Freehold, Callsign "SPECTRE" is a Navy SEAL of SEAL Team 3, a character and a protagonist in the Socom Series

About[edit | edit source]

A Chicago native, Commander Dimone Freehold is a U.S. Navy SEAL, part of Fireteam Alpha who is an expert marksman and specializes in military ops in urban terrain. At some point in his military career, Specter made his way into BUD/S SEAL training. During the training in SEAL school he acquired skills such as demolitions training, advanced weapons tactics, military explosives, combat diving, small unit tactics, patrolling techniques, land warfare, special reconnaissance, HALO/HAHO airborne training, and many other useful skills.

Spectre has served with SEAL Team 3 for many years, through many unconventional wars. During an operation in North Africa. Spectre led his SEAL team on the frontline in a war against the North African Patriotic Front. U.S. Navy SEALs provided support to a local guerilla group disrupting NAPFs war efforts. Spectre and the SEALS were inserted and met with the resistance. After this, the SEAL team lent support on an ambush on a convoy of trucks. From there they proceeded to sabotage and destroy a radio tower providing communications for the NAPF war effort. After completing their objectives Spectre and the SEALS meet with the resistance leader codename "Sand Lion". Other missions such as "Escalation" included destroying enemy armor tanks in the area.

Demolishing a bridge and disrupting enemy supplies logistics. During the mission "Riposte's Primer", the SEALS were responsible for blowing up surface to surface missile launching platforms. After planting C4 charges on all the missile launcher sites and eliminating several NAPF fighters. The SEALs succeed in disrupting the NAPF and pave the way for the CHA invading force to enter and provide support in the war. Spectre led his team in several more war tide turning missions including defending against waves of NAPF forces and armor. Finally the war in North Africa came to an end when the SEALs captured Heydar Mahmood.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Spectre is always in a Fireteam with JESTER.
  • According to the original SOCOM's manual, Jester is referred to as Dimone, and Spectre is referred to as Bailey (who is Jester in the other titles), so it appears that either their callsigns were switched since the first installment or the manual simply made a typo.
  • He probably has Italian origins due to his given name : Dimone

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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