Winterblade is the first campaign mission in SOCOM: Combined Assault where Fireteam Alpha must find the survivors of a helicopter shootdown in Adjikistan and destroy the helicopter as it held vital reources and equipment which could be put to devastating use if it fell into enemy hands.


Start the mission with a suppressed weapon. Stealthily kill the first two paramilitaries you see and run up to the boulder. Then turn left and run up the hill towards the bushes. Use your binoculars to scan the helicopter and then run next to the rocks. After that use your binoculars to scan the helicopter again and then kill all of the enemy personnel in the area, including the two at the bottom of the hill. For the crosstalk objective, after you kill the two at the bottom of the hill, run down it and turn left. Then neutralise the paramilitary fireteam and you've completed the crosstalk objective.

For the second part of the mission, run back to the place where you first scanned the helicopter and turn right. Then neutralise tthe four or five enemy tangos and look inside the tent for a piece of intel which is the bonus objective. Afterwards, run up the small hill, turn left and kill the paramilitaries. Then kill the sniper, he will either be on a hill to your right or the ridgeline to the left. Then run into the village and sweep the three houses with doors for the survivors. After yu find them dead, run to the stream (you may have to jump down) and follow it until it comes to a lake, then run along the edges and find the sausage, pick it up and eat it. Then neutralise all enemy personnel in the area and either shoot or knife the communications radio.